Donnie Loves Jenny

Follow Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy as they settle into married life, together.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 5.5

Season 1 - Donnie Loves Jenny
"Final wedding preparations are made in the opener of this series following the lives of Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy as they adjust to married life together."
"Donnie spends a day with Jenny's 12-year-old son."
"Donnie and Jenny offer to assist when Jenny's single father, Macky, lands his first date in ages."
"Jenny pushes Donnie to take better care of his health after Macky gets a medical scar."
"Donnie convinces Jenny that's it time to give Evan the talk about the birds and the bees."
"Jenny goes out of town with her sister and father on her comedy tour; Donnie travels to Boston."
"The couple rummage through boxes in the garage and uncover old keepsakes and mementos."
"Friends are skeptical that the couple can handle baby responsibilities with their busy schedules."
"Donnie hopes to relieve Jenny's stress by taking her to a swanky hotel for a romantic evening."
"Season 1 comes to a close with Donnie planning a simple reunion trip with the extended McCarthy family to Chicago, at which point Jenny starts to reconsider where they should permanently put down roots."
Season 2 - Donnie Loves Jenny
"The couple bids farewell to New York while preparing to move to a new Chicago home; Donnie and Jenny search for a delicate way to tell Macky that he will not be moving in with them."
"Donnie, Jenny and Evan spend some quality time together in Los Angeles; the family heads to Donnie's Simi Valley house to help pack up for the move to Chicago; Jenny and Jojo search for a gift for Donnie."
"Donnie tries to hide his disappointment when Jenny has to travel back to Chicago for an important doctor's appointment and miss the opening night of the New Kids on the Block tour in Los Angeles."
"Jenny battles indecisiveness while decorating the new family home in Chicago. She also ends up locking horns with her sister Lynette. On the road with the New Kids on the Block, Donnie is reminded what it means to be a pop star."
"After losing another family pet, Macky brings an unwelcome gift of chickens to lift Evan's spirits. Jenny is at her wits end and sends Macky out on tour with Donnie. While Jenny has her hands full teaching Evan about responsibility with the chicks, Donnie gets in over his head as Macky hits on all the fans."
"Jenny and Donnie focus on blending their families this week at events that take them all over the country. Jenny and Elijah join Donnie in NYC for a concert at Madison Square Garden, before attending an Autism Gala for Evan. Later that week, Elijah and Evan bond at a local fair in Chicago while Donnie and the other New Kids On The Block revisit their old school where they first performed."
"Season Finale - Donnie reconnects with a friend in New Orleans during the NKOTB tour. Back home, plans for Evan's birthday party are derailed when he suffers an unexpected injury."